Monday, September 18, 2006

This Saturday I went with Liz and our friends Taylor and Emily to and island called Agina. We left our flat at 6am after not going to sleep the night before until 230… and took the metro to Piraeus, Athens’s port town. The boat was humongous and I slept the hour ride to the island.


Once there we ate some breakfast at a café. I had some crapes, which were so good and really satisfied my ever-growing sweet tooth. Beggars noticed our accent while we were eating, though, and we were constantly pestered by little boys and girls who made you feel like the worst human beings on the earth.

We then got on a bus and went east across the island to the temple of Aphaia. It was pretty cool; the most intact temple in Greece, they said. Then we were told by the woman at it’s gate to go down a road to a town at it’s base, but we got very lost.

Fortunately we flagged down a German couple on a moped who spoke very good English. They instructed us to walk back up the hill to the temple. Bus came, and we went back to Aegina town to get on another bus to the southern port town. There we waited for a small fishing boat to take us to the island of Moni, and Island uninhabited save the peacocks and deer. We found one peacock and named him Mr. Remmington Peacock II.

(Liz Wakefield showing Remmy her feathers)

He was not interested in playing with us, so we set up to go swimming. The water was unbelievably blue, clear and warm. Seriously everything you might picture the Mediterranean to be like (unless like me, you imagine it being fresh water. I realized I had this image as soon as my legs started burning and I got water in my mouth. Salty.)

We swam and then laid on the beach for a while, it was lovely. We got on the boat back to the main island and ate a really

mediocre dinner, unfortunately. But then we got really good Gelato and ran on the BIG boat Poseidon in time to watch Agina disappear into the sunset. On the Metro in Athens, everyone was dressed up ready to go out until 6am, we were ready to watch a chic flick and collapse. Really good day, all in all. Again, pictures tell a better story than I.


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