Wednesday, May 23, 2007

So, secret's out, might as well explain what I've REALLY been doing with my time back at school.

Turns out, it's my destiny to save the world along with my trusty side kick, Julia AKA "Q"-- were not sure what it means yet, just that I must be "U," as we are always together (gosh, doesn't that mean I'm the side kick?).

So, yes I realize that this blog is titled Lizz-abroad, and my world travels have come to a pause, but I thought it might be nice to extend the use of this journal to journey's and adventures in general. DO expect to see and hear more about Q + U, but also about my upcoming adventures in North Carolina this summer (b.t.w, I am moving to North Carolina for the summer, living with Julia in Durham) while I work on my senior project and perfecting my sweet tea makin' skills-- more on the project later.
also expect lots of pictures-- perhaps clips-- and the standard life changing reflections. Until next time, have a great memorial day, hope it doesn't rain on your veteran parade, where ever that may take place.


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