Thursday, June 21, 2007

Well, Graduation came, went, and so did I! as I frantically drove like a mad woman all over the state, trying to get in as much family as possible before I too, went. All the graduations I went to we great, and a little sad, as my sister and cousin made the right into the big bad world of semi-adulthood, and my friends crossed the stage... never to be seen again.

Step two!

Julia and I HIT THE ROAD! with our big atlas (thanks dad, good thinking. Would have been tough going with out a, em... map) and Carolina Mixerz we bumped down to Durham in no time. Literally, it felt like to seconds. I've been saying lately because of this, that maybe I had a better sense of space and time when I was a kid traveling across the country, when everything seemed much bigger-- and looooonger. Anyway. This picture was taken for our "rocks for jocks" friends, but especially Big Phil, with Julia's caption:
"look Phil! LAYERS!"

So now I am in Durham and I regret to say that I do not have any pictures yet to share, but I promise that soon I will upload some. Julia's house is soooo pretty and nice, right near downtown. Duke East campus is like a block away, with a library for my studying. Ninth Street is the place-to-be, lots of cool restaurants, shops, coffee. I've been filling my days here so far looking for employment-- which, before two days ago has been quite unsuccessful...
But I got an email about a summer job in Chapel Hill, which is about half an hour south of Durham, and now I am working with an organization called Environment North Carolina, going door to door trying to get middle to upper class people to give us lots of money. I started canvassing yesterday, which is rough going, especially since Suburbia disgusts me beyond belief. BUT, the people I work with are really cool, the more I learn about the organization the more excited I get, and this will certainly improve my people skills! I hope to stick it out as long as possible. Check out the website, if you are interested here.

Julia and I went to a kitten shower on Saturday with hopes to bring home a new kitty. Turns out, as we are undergrads, we are not allowed to adopt because of our transient lifestyles. Fair enough. the good news is that we signed up to be foster moms! (for kittens, of course). In about a week we will be new mommies for two kittens for the summer, and if you know us, you can just imagine the excitement! pictures to come!

Julia is working to turn the basement into an art studio. Once we get it painted she and I think three other people will be down there, making art like mad scientists. I'm pretty excited to have that kind of energy in the house, and hey, maybe I'll even get down there and make something.

Well, thats all for now, but next time pictures and more stories, hopefully once a week or so. Hope summer is treating you right, and if you want to get a hold of me, my cell works well down here and email is obsessively checked, like any good kzoo student.



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