Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Went to the ocean two weekends ago. Julia's dad has a b&b in Wilmington, and his girlfriend Donna put us up for a night in her beach house, just two blocks from the water. They were soooo good to us, and the holiday was much needed after a fifty hour work week at twisted noodles.

Donna and Jay made us dinner and, to our surprise, left Dana, Julia and I to enjoy the beach house to ourselves, along with the wine, cheesecake, and amazing sound system. We went to the beach at midnight and played in the waves while someone shoot off illegal fireworks. It was great. The next morning we sunned ourselves, and I braved the ocean and sharks for about 2 minutes... the ocean pretty much kicked my ass- one lung full of salt water after being knocked down by several waves and I was out of there! I flew some kites and showed off my sweet tricks and laid around some more, trying to read about body symbolism and pygmies.

Donna let us borrow her Suzuki jeep to go see how the locals have fun on the weekends. This was probably one of the more bizarre things I have every done. people go out to this one part of the beach where cars are aloud. They drive around in circles in the sand, showing off their ride, find a good place to park and sit next to their vehicles by the water. People were getting stuck left and right-- in fact, 20 feet into this area, we got stuck, and some yelled, "Shoulda bought a Chevy!"

That night Jay took us and a few of his friends on a river boat ride, including fancy hors d'oeuvres and a nice sunset. Then we experienced both aspects of the bed and breakfast experience, and I feel very privileged and lucky this summer.

this past week I have been working and researching... this week we are preparing for Julia to leave on friday for landsea, which so far has involved doing all the things that we have been meaning to do together. On sunday we woke up early and went for a country drive. I saw tobacco for the first time; it's a very pretty plant. I'd love to feel the leaves (I have a thing about feeling plants) but I learned that if you handle tobacco you risk absorbing it through your skin and getting addicted- wouldn't want that.

Tonight we are having a going away party for Julia. party's theme: body parts. Should be interesting. Tomorrow I am going to work with Dana at duke because I signed up participate in some psych studies which = $$$$ for me. Hopefully it wont be too weird. I am excited to see Phil and my dad and Cheryl for my birthday on monday! (yay), sad to leave Durham in a week or so, but also excited to visit home and everyone there.


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